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GTLK is the largest leasing company in Russia. Leases air, water and rail transport, energy-efficient passenger transport, motor vehicles and special equipment for domestic transport companies, and carries out investment activities to develop the transport infrastructure of Russia.

810 bln RUR

Investment in transport industry


For total volume of new business and leasing portfolio

1 trln RUR

GTLK leasing portfolio

State fund of funds and a development institution in the Russian venture capital market. The mission of the company is to create a mature venture capital market through the consolidation and development of resources, competencies and initiatives on the part of investors, investment portfolio managers and entrepreneurs so as to create and promote innovative products and technologies in priority technology areas, making Russia a leader in the global technology market.

GenerationS – corporate innovation development platform; the largest corporate accelerator in Russia&CIS. In 2018 GenerationS became the first Russian accelerator in Global Accelerator Network (GAN) created by Techstars and the best corporate accelerator in Europe according to Corporate Startup Summit.

Program partners
The mission of VEB is to be a driver of Russia’s long-term economic development. In partnership with commercial banks, VEB is engaged in financing large-scale projects aimed at developing infrastructure, industry, social sphere, strengthening the technological potential, and increasing the quality of life.
InfoWatch Group develops high-tech integrated solutions to analyze and prevent corporate data leakage, to ensure cyber security for automatic process control systems, and to protect business applications from cyber attacks.
Directions by industry
Air transport
Water transport
Railroad transport
Passenger and cargo ground transport
Road-building and maintenance equipment
Transport infrastructure projects
Directions by technology
Industry 4.0 and new production technologies in transport engineering
Unmanned transport
Energy efficient transport
Vehicle lifecycle management
Transport safety
Digitalization and cyber security
Development of transport infrastructure
Leasing operations
Selection criteria
Applicability in transport industry
Engineering prototype has been produced and tested
2+ people in the team
What does the program include?
Expert review
Feedback from the leading experts in the market
Acceleration Program
Intensive educational course coupled with support from mentors
Pilot project
A paid pilot to confirm the operational characteristics under close-to-real conditions
Andrey Berdnikov
Director, Directorate of Air Transport, GTLK
Elena Vlasova
Deputy Director, Directorate of Air Transport, GTLK
Viktor Silin
Deputy Head of Department for Aircraft Supervision, GTLK
Dmitry Goryachev
Deputy Director, Directorate of Rail Transport, GTLK
Yuri Vanslov
Deputy Head of Department for Technical Support of Rail Transport, GTLK
Alexander Pilipets
Director, Directorate of See and River Transport, GTLK
Igor Ivashin
Deputy Director, Directorate of Customer Service (sea and river transport), GTLK
Alexander Zhukovskiy
Project manager, Directorate for Implementing Projects of Non-Commercial Leasing and Infrastructure Development, GTLK
Anastasia Letyagina
Head of Department for Supplier Management, GTLK
Vladimir Borodin
Deputy Director, Economic Directorate, GTLK
Nikolay Lotonin
Director, Financial Directorate, GTLK
Anton Zhiryak
Head of Department for Automated Information Systems, GTLK
Tamara Shirokova
Director for Strategic Development and Public Relations, GTLK
Maria Bakhcheyeva
Head of Department for Coordination of Risk Management and Internal Control, GTLK
Dmitry Tyurin
Director, Legal Directorate, GTLK
Alexey Medvedev
Director, Security Directorate, GTLK
Marina Motovilova
Head of Department for Organizational Development, GTLK
Ekaterina Petrova
Managing Director, GenerationS Corporate Accelerator
Irina Martynova
Head of Corporate Department, GenerationS Corporate Accelerator
Kirill Lazarchuk
Project Manager, evaluation of projects, GenerationS Corporate Accelerator
Anatoly Borodin
Acceleration Program Manager, GenerationS Corporate Accelerator
Andrey Arefiev
Head of Department for Product Development, InfoWatch
Mikhail Smirnov
Head of Department for Development of Security Systems for APCS, InfoWatch
Event Calendar
Opening of accelerator
August 30, 2019
Collection of applications
August 28 – December 31, 2019
Expert review
January 01 – February 15, 2020
Face-to-face screening (Bootcamp)
February 16 – March 15, 2020
October 05 – December 04, 2020
Do I have to share confidential data about my project?
- No. Please indicate in your application only the information that we can share without signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
I represent 2 projects. Can I submit multiple applications?
Yes! You are welcome to submit two applications. Please register the second account on our website and apply with your second project.
Can I meet you in person and receive feedback about my project?
Occasionally, the accelerator team takes part in partner events and organizes our own #GENSTalks, where you can approach the team members for a consultation. Please follow us on our website and in social networks.

Information support
1, Nobelya St., Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Moscow